How It Works

** Position yourself as a leading expert in your profession.

**Be at the top of your game, stand out and consistently stay in the “Zone”.

**Effectively manage the pressures and stress of the workplace.  You will improve your ability to delegate. You will be in control of your time and your life.

**Discover core sources of strength and energy. You will have the energy to contribute to the lives of those you love as well as others. Wealth will be yours in every sense of the word. 


The Process
Clarify your goals and vision, creating a foundation that enables you to design targeted actions that produce specific successful outcomes.


Discover and cultivate the skills that allow you to stay consistently in the “Zone”…on demand at all times.

Create strategies for chosen goals with specific and measurable timelines. You will eliminate confusion, focus your effort and maximizes your results.You will know precisely what you need to do in the order it needs to be done and stay on target.

Optimize your environment (both internal and external) to create surroundings that enhance your ability to progress.

Examine your psychology, typically the most vital and effective aspect of coaching and consulting. Here you address the challenges that are slowing down, standing in the way or stopping you from establishing the life you envision.  Fear of failure is no longer an obstacle. As Yogi Berra once said, “90% of the game is half mental”.


Quick relaxation strategies you can do anytime … these routines maximize resilience and eliminate pressures that interfere with achieving satisfaction and excellence.

Heart Rate Variability Training…a biofeedback hack to deepen, confirm and maintain you in the performance “Zone”.

Self-hypnosis for performance enhancement and stress management.

Cognitive reframing to shift the beliefs and assumptions that limit your satisfaction in the moment.  You are living your best life now. as you continue to evolve.

Tai Chi instruction and healing.


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